Commerical Due Diligence

The due diligence process of any M&A activity can be complex and resource intensive. Yet many acquisitions fail to achieve their stated objective because companies do not carry out thorough commercial due diligence.

Through our commercial due diligence services, Meissa puts information into action, offering clients focused expertise in all areas of the education market. Our in-depth understanding of the landscape of the UK education sector enables us to evaluate the current performance and assess the future potential of the target acquisition or investment.

Typical commercial due diligence services include:

◦  Business plan validation

◦  Growth plan validation

◦  Commercial and market review

◦  Technology review

◦  Organisational review

Meissa provides commercial due diligence services to companies within the education industry and private equity firms.

For an informal discussion on our commercial due diligence services contact Ed Tranham on 01223 263880 or email